ONLINE PRESENCE - Website, App, Social Media and SEO Development

Websites are like houses. You need a strong, safe one that you enjoy. It needs to work for you and be welcoming to those you host. It should be easy to find and will periodically need updated decor or renovation. It needs to be well-organized and an accurate reflection of what takes place there.

Your Beacon PR-managed online presence will be all of that. Stunning design, smooth organization, compelling phrases and images come together in harmony so your website is an invaluable tool for your organization. Consider our smooth content manager so the pages' content can grow, change and flex over time. In the age of apps, websites often now feature an accompanying mobile device application for a strong online presence. Sometimes there's an industry app you can leverage. Sometimes it makes sense to develop your own app. Many are finding Mediauras© to be a powerful new marketing medium. All of this is meaningless if your viewers can't find your website and/or engage with you when they're finally read to, so trust our search engine optimization services to keep you ahead of that ever-changing game so you stay competitive in key search terms. Studies show that many are now searching for you or your organization on social utility networks such as Facebook before they're searching in popular engines such as Google. So, companies must now harness the reality that social media management is a crucial aspect of their business and marketing plans, with relevance not only to promotions but to hiring, customer service, team building and more.

If you have your own in-house programming experts or would rather rely on ours, we'll be glad to fit within the team for maximized results. To see Beacon PR's Creative Director Stephanie Greenlee outline the important components of a masterful website, click here.

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