Have you heard the word "branding" and wondered how relevant that is to you and your current materials? A streamlined message that will drive business in the intended direction begins in the heart of the organization. That's why our founder consistently stands on her soap box, saying that good thinking & Beacon Public Relations efforts hold hands with the operations initiatives at a meaningful, strategic and trackable level.

If you need graphic design that is part of an overall branding initiative; part of a deeper conversation about where you are now and where you want to be, then Beacon PR is a good fit for you. Being a logo mill or a newsletter chop shop is not of interest to the Beacon team. It is against our vision to design a logo for you, lay out a newsletter for you, organize a website for you and then glance over our shoulder at you saying "hope that works for ya." For years, Beacon has not been accepting new clients and has been fortunate enough to only build partnerships with those looking for a more comprehensive branding goal. Now, as Beacon PR has grown and is growing, it is to your benefit that we hold true to our vision to do all work (including graphic design) at a meaningful, results-oriented level. You may share this belief that, without a solid understanding of the piece's purpose, spending a dime on graphic design is a waste. Count on Beacon PR to give you a clean, solid, winning design each and every time because we take the time to make it a comprehensive approach that we know will work for you.



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